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Winnie Zeng Vanquishes a King by Katie Zhao Paperback

Winnie Zeng Vanquishes a King by Katie Zhao Paperback

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With chaos on the rise, one girl stands in the face of all evil . . . and we're not talking about homework! The action-packed sequel to the epic fantasy series inspired by Chinese mythology.


"A hilarious tussle between homework, family, and heroism." --Kwame Mbalia, #1 New York Times bestselling author


As shamans, Winnie Zeng and her archnemesis, David Zuo, have accepted their roles in guarding the world from evil spirits. But with Halloween around the corner, the balance between realms grows fragile--and so yet another shaman is assigned to help Winnie and David protect the town of Groton, Michigan.


The catch? The new shaman is just the worst. Not only is she way too perfect--she also has an ego to match, and thinks she's the best thing that's happened to Groton since Winnie's red bean brownies. Plus, she's confident she can save the world all on her own.


With evil spirits growing in number, Winnie and David find themselves in quite a pickle. While the newest shaman isn't convinced there's a storm brewing, this town is going to need all three of them on the same team . . . or there might not be a town left to defend.
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