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Little Witch Tales: Telling the Bees Hardcover

Little Witch Tales: Telling the Bees Hardcover

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An illustrated fairy tale about a little witch, a curious invitation, and a sticky, springtime tradition.

On the next new moon, join Little Witch and her coven beneath the Elder.

It’s time to tell the bees.

Alongside Persephone and the Fairies, join Little Witch for high tea with the hive! As you and the bees sip honeyed potions, Madam Spider spins riddles and Little Witch describes a curious dream – one about a moonstruck hare, moving at your own pace, and the origin of fairy tales.

What does it mean to ‘tell the bees?’

Many moons ago, magick was part of everyday life. Bees brewed honey and pollinated flowers, but they also worked as household psychopomps, fuzzy messengers that carried our stories between worlds.

Back then, bees were not mere insects but divine couriers, and upon reaching important milestones, families toasted their good fortune with the hive. The buzzing might go on for days (the bees loved any excuse for a party), but once the hoopla died down, a team of pollinators would set out for lands unseen and deliver meaningful news to spirits long gone.

Today, the ritual of telling the bees appears in animistic and magickal communities, and according to Little Witch, a happy hive is a fruitful spell, sweetening the boundaries of heart and home.

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